Nathan R. Hodges / Landscape


I was born and raised in the remote mountains of southern Oregon and spent most of my youth in the forest and creek. I earned a B.S. at Portland State University with a focus on urban hydrology and the ecology of terrestrial mollusks. During the summers I worked as a Park Ranger educating tourists about our environment and interned with the Smithsonian Institution's Botany Department. After graduation I spent time in the non-profit sector working on invertebrate conservation issues. Then I moved to Berkeley for graduate school. Three years of research and practice at UC Berkeley earned me a Masters in Landscape Architecture. I spent two years doing small design build projects in the East Bay with my wife. I then moved to Washington State to work as an environmental consultant and designer. I am interested in process-based site building, stewardship as design, human-power, informality & marginal innovation, bio-engineering, micro-infrastructures, mystical gardening practices, ecological energetics, bioremediation, and snails. I currently live and work on Lopez Island in Washington State with my wife, daughter, and two dogs on Midnight's Farm.